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Site Administrators Are Key to Building Inclusive School Communities

I had the opportunity to attend the Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative (Urban Collaborative) Spring 2024 member meeting.  The theme of the meeting was Roadmap to Equitable and Inclusive Schools.  At the meeting, I had the opportunity to hear about an inclusive school in Oregon similar to the one described in this EducationWeek article.  I am firmly convinced that school site administrators play an integral role in building inclusive and equitable school communities.  As school leaders, all eyes are on principals and assistant principals; and they can establish a culture of inclusion – one that embraces all students – through their words and actions.

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Cathi Davis, principal of Ruby Bridges Elementary School in Woodinville, Wash., near Seattle which opened in 2020, runs a school that is designed so students with disabilities spend nearly all of their time in general education classes learning alongside their peers, rather than being pulled out for specialized instruction.