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Understanding Special Education Assessments and Implicit Bias

This past week, F3 Partner Cynthia Vargas, the managing partner at the firm’s Inland Empire office, held a two part training regarding legally defensible special education assessments. The training covered the legal requirements of the assessments themselves, as well as legal requirements of assessment reports. The training also explored the implicit bias surrounding special education and how bias may influence discipline, referrals for assessments, and tracking.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn practical strategies and ways to combat implicit biases that may have an impact on triennial assessments, placement, eligibility, and 30-day reviews when a student transfers from another school district with an existing IEP. 

Cynthia’s wealth of knowledge in special education provided attendees invaluable insight into the world of special education assessments. This training is one of many training opportunities available to our clients. For more information on the various trainings offered by F3, please contact our office.